Saturday, March 19, 2011

Best Friday Ever!

Yesterday was SO awesome! First, I got to do Wax Museum, which is where we pick a famous person from North Carolina, dress up as that person, and we act like we are the person and we give a speech about ourselves (the person, not our real selves). It was an hour long, and it was a LOT of fun! Then, we had recess, lunch, and we watched a movie called "A Bugs Life". It was a G-rated Pixar movie. Then I went to afterschool, my mom picked me up after afterschool, and we took a walk down to Carrboro. It was a beautiful night, and we ended up on Franklin St. The closest place to have dinner was "Top Of The Hill" which is a wonderful restaurant, so we went there. We had to wait an hour for our seat, so we walked over at GameStop and looked at some video games. By the time we walked back, our seats were ready. Luckily, that was the night of the UNC game and there were TV's all over. so we got to have delicious hamburgers and fries AND watch the game. I also got a Shirley Temple, which is a fizzy, cherry drink. After we ate, we went to Ben and Jerrys and I got Half Baked Fro-Yo, which is a chocolate ice cream mixed with vanilla ice cream, with fudge and cookie dough stuffed inside. It was DELICIOUS! We walked back to the car, went home, I brushed my teeth, and went to sleep. It was the best friday ever!