Thursday, September 23, 2010

My Bike Ride

The path at the pool to Solomons has curves and it is also straight. It is very long and you can go on a little road that is only made for bikes. You can see deer crossing the bike path and they have white horns and there skin is a light orange. The path also goes on rocks and it is very bumpy. There is also a small ditch There is a big river with gray rocks and we walk our bikes on a downhill, cross the river and go up the uphill. Then you can see a bridge around lots of long weeds and grass. Then we walk up a very big uphill which is covered in orange sand and rocks. When you look forward, you can see 2 streets for cars & one street for bicycles. But we don't go up there. Then you walk the bikes down the orange hill, into the long grass and weeds, then start bicycling again. After you ride on the rocky trail, you get back on the road and head on home.


  1. Sam,

    This is a great description of the path and what we see on it when we ride. Nice job!

  2. Hi Sam. It's me, Ms. Morton. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I was amazed at your beautiful descriptions. It helped me to "see" what your bike ride was like. If you hadn't written that, I would never have known!!

    So, tomorrow is poetry! Do you love it yet?? Just kidding. I hope you will learn to love it anyway. BTW, you have very cool parents. I enjoyed meeting them. See you Friday.
    Waddle-y ah-cha.

  3. Sam,

    You are a great writer. I felt like I was on the bike ride with you. Maybe we can go together sometime and you can show me this path.

    Thanks for helping paint a picture in my mind with your words. Keep up the great work.

    Uncle Craigie

  4. What a vivid, detailed post, Sam. I have seen that path many times with my eyes, so it's really fun to "see" it through yours! Your description of color and the changing surface of the path is especially nice. - SK

  5. Great job, Sammie Whammie!! I want to go on the path with you too. LOVE, Yubba XOXO

  6. (I had to sign in on a friend's account- That's why it says "dana", ha ha! I'm still just Yubba...) XOXO

  7. Your use of adjectives - long grass, light orange, etc. - make me see what you are describing. Good writing!

  8. Sam! What great descriptions!! I am so glad I am able to read such great writing that you do at school and at home!

    I would love it if you would share some of your stories with the class!

    Great Job, Sam!
    See you in class tomorrow!
    -Ms. Mojzik

  9. What a surprise today to see the story you typed! You are one awesome dude. Thank you for putting so much effort into making your story so interesting and descriptive. I can't wait to see your final published piece.
    See you tomorrow.
    Ms. Morton