Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Choir Concert

Monday night was the NC Boys Choir concert at the Duke Chapel. There were over 600 people there! When it wasn't our turn, we sat in these pews on the right of the stage. When it was intermission, we came downstairs and talked and had some snacks. Then, we came back upstairs and we sang. I had to sit and do nothing for 5 hours! I sang 5 songs which were: Where Can We Find Peace, Peace Peace Peace, While By My Sheep, How Brightly Shines The Morning Star, and I Saw Three Ships. It only took, like, 5 minutes. I've been saying 5 a lot. When it was over, I went to Panda Express and I got a cookie. My parents were so proud of me. It felt really good. So that's what I did!

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